Featured Race: 33rd Annual April Fool’s 4 Mile Road Race

Featured Race: 33rd Annual April Fool’s 4 Mile Road Race

Straddling the end of winter and the beginning of spring, this quick, well-organized 4-miler is the perfect way to kick off your running season after a long winter. It’s part of the Will Run For Beer series, and kicks off the Winner’s Circle Running Club Speed Series 4-3-2-1.

Why we love this race: Many race boost a flat course, but this one really lives up to the claim. The course is flat and fast, a nice out and back on rural streets where you don’t have to worry about traffic.

The first 300 registrants get a half and t-shirt. For more information, visit http://runthecircle.org/

New England’s Top 10 Favorite 5Ks

New England’s Top 10 Favorite 5Ks

Looking for options for the best 5Ks in New England? Earlier this summer, we asked our visitors to submit their votes for their favorite runs. Here are the top 10:

Hollis Fast 5K

  • Where is it: Hollis, NH
  • When is it: June
  • Why we love it: “It is all down hill!!!”

Great Bay 5K

  • Where is it: Greenland, NH
  • When is it: October
  • Why we love it: “Great time of year to run, beautiful race route and the encouragement and community involvement is amazing.”

Northampton Hot Chocolate Run

  •  Where is it: Northampton, MA
  • When is it: December
  • Why we love it: “Great town, large crowds, organic & local ingredients for the post race hot chocolate, commemorative artwork mug, lots of families running and benefits a great cause in town- preventing domestic violence.”

Runner’s Alley / Redhook 5K

  • Where is it: Portsmouth, NH
  • When is it: May
  • Why we love it: “It’s well organized, fun. Great participation. Beginning runners train to run this as their first race. There is a great after party with great beer.”

Sandy Hook Run for the Families

  • Where is it: Hartford CT
  • When is it: March
  • Why we love it: “The heart and love that poured out that day was humbling. Words cannot say what I felt that day and what a great sense  of community was present. Just amazing. Hartford Marathon Foundation puts on such great runs. Even with the enormous amount of people that participate it is well organized, on time and always a fun event. I live in MA but do 95% of my runs in CT because I always enjoy the HMF events.”

Finish at the 50

  • Where is it: Foxborough, MA
  • When is it: July
  • Why we love it: “We ran up and down the ramps at Gillete and finished at the 50 yard line were the PATS play. Plus I got to run thru the blow up Pats helmet that the player run thru at the start of every game.”


  • Where is it: Boston, MA
  • When is it: April
  • Why we love it: “It’s a PR type of course and energy. The finish is exactly where the marathoners finish – just on the day before. The run is well organized, and participants share many of the same amenities as the Marathoners, including the Expo.”

Race 2 the Point

  • Where is it: Scarborough, ME
  • When is it: March
  • Why we love it: “Great cause and a beautiful yet challenging course. Great, great 5k!”

Lite Up the Night 5K

  • Where is it: Manchester, NH
  • When is it: June
  • Why we love it: “The weather is always crazy, the course is super challenging and feel like I am going to die every year. However, the energy is incredible.”

Stonyfield Earth Day 5K

  • Where is it: Londonderry, NH
  • When is it: April
  • Why we love it: “Love the Earth Day festival after the race!”

Did your favorite New England 5K not make the list? Leave a comment below to voice your opinion!

What’s Your Favorite New England 5K?

What’s Your Favorite New England 5K?


Which 5Ks in New England are the best? We want your opinion!

Just tell your favorite 5K and why you love it. We’ll compile all of the votes and publish a list of the favorites later on this summer.

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Why did you love it?

Prizes and Glory! Register for the Summer Challenge Today

Prizes and Glory! Register for the Summer Challenge Today

Could you do the Summer Challenge on your own without registering? Absolutely! So why throw your name in the ring? Because only those who are officially registered are eligible for our weekly raffle prizes!

Make sure you’re signed up by tomorrow evening to be eligible for our first raffle prize drawing on Saturday – A free registration to a race of your choice! And if you’ve already registered, we’ll reimburse you.

Here are some other prizes we have lined up for you:

And don’t forget – when you complete the challenge, we’ll send you your commemorative t-shirt!

Registration is just $10 – less than any one of our prizes. Sign up today »

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Happy National Running Day!


We couldn’t find a card, so we made our own :-)

Run Baby, Run.

Running Inspiration: The Journey of 1,000 Miles


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Healthy Snacks: Salt and Vinegar Cucumbers


Salt and Vinegar Cucumbers

I’ve loved salt and vinegar potato chips all of my life, and if you put a large bag of them in front of me I could easily finish it by myself. However, since I’m in the process of getting back into running shape after a knee injury, eating a whole bag of potato chips just isn’t an option.

Here’s my secret snack that helps curb my craving: salt and vinegar cucumbers. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make, and I usually make a pretty big batch for the heck of it. Just get a cucumber or two and slice them up. Then, cover them with apple cider vinegar and let them marinate for an hour or so. You can go longer or shorter depending on your taste. Then take them out and sprinkle a little salt on them (or no salt if you’re on a low sodium diet) and you’re all set! Enjoy :-)

What’s your favorite healthy snack? Leave a comment!


Monday Inspiration: Don’t be afraid…


Don't be afriad to give up the good and go for the great

Announcing the Run New England Summer Challenge

Announcing the Run New England Summer Challenge

There are so many great races taking place through New England this summer and we wanted to do something to encourage you to get out there and explore races you may not otherwise consider running. That’s why we created the Summer Challenge.

It’s simple: Starting on June 1, you’ve got three months to run three races in three different New England states. The races you choose are entirely up to you, but must be at least 5K and must be logged by September 15 to get credit for completing the challenge.

What’s in it for you? Besides bragging rights, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Everyone who registers will receive entry into weekly raffle drawings for running-related prizes. The first prize raffled off will be a free entry into a Summer Challenge race of your choice!
  • Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a t-shirt to commemorate their participation in the inaugural Summer Challenge. Trust us, the t-shirt is going to be cool.
  • You’ll get to travel to three New England states to run three amazing races that fit into your schedule. What better way to spend a summer!

To be eligible for the weekly raffle prizes and to get your t-shirt at the end of the summer, you must register for the challenge and pay the $10 entry fee by August 11.

Ready to take the challenge? Learn more about challenge or complete your registration today!

Here’s our weekend challenge to you:


Log Out, Shut Down, Go Run

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